My name is Hilary and this is the blog for Studio Hilary Art

I recently moved to Four Corners NW New Mexico from Philadelphia Pa. Moving here has been an inspiring and humbling decision. I left behind an art career in Philadelphia that spanned over a decade, starting in 2002. In Philadelphia I painted murals, conserved murals, illustrated books, and executed oil painting commissions. I am also the founder of a architectural finishes and restoration company. Here in New Mexico I am painting landscape paintings and making custom hand made picture frames.

Starting this blog is all a part of my starting over in a new place. I am going through all of the steps in establishing myself here in the four corners. I want to use this blog to communicate my art adventures whether they be on site, in the studio, in the workshop or part of my travels. My goal is to update the blog at least once a month. My hope is that this blog can entertain my friends, be an outlet for my creative ideas, and entertain others with an interest in art and carpentry connect with me online.

I promise to consistently update the site and make it better into the future. Feel free to ask me any questions or report bugs on this site.     


Hilary Mockewich