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Plein Air Paintings

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of all kinds and varieties. 


Custom Frames

All frames made by hand

Custom Frames


Frame prices vary by project

All of my frames are hand cut and routed. 


It all started when...

I was making frames for myself, friends and neighbors. They insisted I offer frames to others. The only inventory i have is hard wood. from a block of hard wood I cut a profile with a router. I join everything by hand and mostly use japanese hand saws. I am really proud of the frames that I have made. Because these frames are handmade, they standout in a world of mass produced production lines. 



All picture frame designs are drawn first.

This way, you know exactly what you are getting and you can make any changes before the construction of your custom frame begins.


when staining I always use oil

the advantage of oil over polyurethane is that oil never goes bad, yellows, or fogs. Its upkeep is minimal and much more durable. It takes more time to do it this way. Its worth it to me because nothing can reproduce the quality of teak and linseed oil on wood. 

Other arrangements can be made. specialty finishes are available such as gold leaf, paint, raw, glazes etc.

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